Kids Again!

It seems to be Kid’s week out there…

Having just posted re the article on the D&D website, I discovered another one on Kobold Quarterly!

Definitely inspired me to make time for a session with the kids at the weekend! It’s been a little while since we’ve managed to play, given the busy lives we all seem to lead, but it was a blast!

I ran a skill challenge I had prepared around purchasing horses, something my pony-mad daughter had been wanting to do ‘in-game’ all the way from their first adventure. It went pretty well, and got some good role-playing going – and there was great delight when after the bartering was done, I pulled out their new horse minis from Stuffer Shack to give them!

Horse Minis from Stuffer Shack

Awesome Horse Minis from Stuffer Shack

The best bit is that they only had enough gold to buy riding ponies for the party, but what they really want is warhorses – especially my daughter’s Eladrin beastmaster ranger, who has discovered that the horse dealer has a ‘Fey bloodline warhorse’ for sale – but she can’t afford it! So now they’re rushing round Fallcrest looking for adventure rumours, so they can get out there, smack some orcs, and come back with enough treasure to afford more horses – talk about easy motivation!!

Then they stumbled upon a River Rats mugging in Low-town and pitched in to help (got to cater to my son’s appetite: “it isn’t a D&D session unless there’s at least one battle!”). This was their first ‘non-dungeon’ fight, and it was quite classic afterwards:

DM Dad: “So, what next then?”

Kids: “We go back to the Silver Unicorn for dinner. I hope there’s roast pork tonight!”

DM Dad: “What, so you just leave the bodies there then?”

Kids: “Yes! Oh, I suppose the guards might come along and think we’re murderers …”

I’m loving it 🙂

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5 Responses to Kids Again!

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  2. Tourq says:

    The only rule about right or wrong is:

    If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong.

    • tolrendordm says:

      Good point, well made! And as I said on the post, this was definitely one of the best sessions ever with the kids, so guess it was right!

      Hey I see you’ve got a ‘unicorn’ on your site now – my next adventure lined up has the kid’s characters in the Feywild rescuing a unicorn, so maybe I’ll have to get a mini!

  3. Tourq says:

    Hey! I’m glad the horses worked out!

    Skill challenge for buying horses… hmmm… that’s one I haven’t thought of. Maybe I’ll use that one the next time I run…

    • tolrendordm says:

      The horses have really worked out! Thanks for them, and the comment! Maybe I’ll post the skill challenge up here – although not sure its an entirely kosher skill challenge. For me, skill challenges are more a framework to encourage and adjudicate a role-playing encounter.

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