Since I got back on the role-playing bandwagon (see  About Me…), I’ve been following many of the blogs that are out there, especially via the RPG Bloggers Network . Finally I decided I needed to get in on the act!


Well I’m not 100% sure really, except that its always been my goal to get myself published in some shape or form, and it seems to be that starting a blog, and getting ideas ‘out there’ regularly is one way to go about it. At the very least I hope that it gets me into a discipline of writing often, and with a target audience (i.e. a little bit of pressure, whether internal or external, is never a bad thing) in mind.

So what topics am I going to cover here? I’m sure it will evolve over time, but certainly its likely to include:

  • Thoughts from my re-introduction to Dungeons and Dragons with the 4th Edition game.
  • World-building and the conversion of my Tolrendor home-brew campaign world into 4E.
  • Cartography – making maps is huge part of my enjoyment of RPGs as a GM.
  • Technology in RPGs – I’m an IT developer and manager by trade, so this aspect, which has changed hugely since I was last involved, is definitely of interest to me.
  • Self-publishing! Real Products! Again, the tools available to the average person these days are amazing! I hope to explore this area, both in the RPG and the fiction area.
  • Gaming with children … cos that’s my current main focus!

Hopefully it’ll be fun and some of you will join me for the ride. We’ll see where it leads.

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  1. TolrendorDM says:

    Test Comment!! Got to be the first!!

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